Engine Turning 1689 – 1980; The Tools and Techniques

By Martin Matthews

David Wood-Heath from the Society of Ornamental Turners Bulletin #128:

“Martin was the author of the one and only book on Engine Turning, aptly called Engine Turning, The Tools and Technique 1680-1980. This book was self-published in 1984 and is much sought after; a delightful work which I believe can be enjoyed by anyone, even if they have no prior knowledge, nor interest in the subject. It covers not only a broad scope on engine turning machines, techniques and typical products such as watch cases, but It also ventures off into the subject of security printing, including the production of early postage stamps, such as the ‘penny black.’ These were printed using engine turned roller dies. The book also covers other historical anecdotes and delightful byways of related subjects”

The most recent edition of the book includes a colour photograph of Martin provided by the family and a tribute to Martin Matthews by Philip Whyte.

The recent reprint maintains the high quality of the original. It is a sewn-bound hardback book with gold blocked lettering. It includes colour photographs and of course the rose chuck pull-out page. A dust-jacket helps protect the book.

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